Thursday, November 22, 2012

Well, who would have thought it?

...The C. and E. has turned down women bishops. I must admit to a sense of satisfaction. I am  so glad that the Synod - which had seemed to be a seal and stamp on everything politically-correct and tiresomely ill-considered - turned out to have some people who thought outside the usual box of cliches.

I do not accept the theological thinking behind the "men are meant to be leaders, women not" idea, since women can certainly lead and teach. Priesthood is different from that, and it is this precise thing, the priesthood, that has not been fully explored and grasped.  But at least there has been some sort of ability to understand that there are some theological issues involved.

Given the tragedies and miseries of the world - some of which (war, hunger, injustices of various kinds) get raised at the C of E Synod -  it was rather ghastly to see comfortably-off ladies weeping inconsolably and seeking help and speaking of their agony, because they can't be made bishops.   Dear ladies, please be assurred that you will survive quite well, and may even one day think about all this quite differently.

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Sophia said...

The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches have their tradition in these matters but for churches of through reformed protestant tradition a different understanding of leadership, orders, and sacraments. For 500 years the Church of England has been protestant and innovations, or developments depending on your view, have been a consistent feature.
But surely all can agree what can be valid to be a priest is valid to be a bishop?
Further, this is a national church, this means something, and while one can certainly be an Englishman/Englishwoman and a Catholic one cannot be a Catholic and an Anglican.