Friday, November 09, 2012

Deeply, deeply worrying...

...and things are going to be horrible. The election results in America are very bad news.
Courage and wisdom are needed for the future. Read  here  for a good analysis.


Anne said...

deeply, deeply worried, you say?
Where is your FAITH in the YEAR OF FAITH!

God is still on His throne. Jesus is still King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and He is still the only Way to salvation. The Bible still has every answer to life’s problems. Prayer is still our most potent weapon. Jesus will save anyone who puts his trust in Him, and there is always plenty of room at the Cross for newcomers.

God has turned his face away from the United States of America, because America first turned its face away from Him; however, God has promised He will never leave nor forsake those of us who have put our faith and love in Him through His Son Jesus. The only source for real hope and real peace in our lives is Jesus Christ, Who is God. If you stand apart from God today, please consider seeking Him now. Our world will soon be worse than anyone can imagine, the first and second world wars will seem like child's play, and when the dark days fall, the only eternally safe place to be is in the all-powerful hands of the Lord God.

Malcolm said...

I don't know. Had Romney won, battle would have been joined. I'm not sure our troops are yet organised and ready.

Dawn said...

To be fair part of the defeat of Romney is the fault of the GOP. Many people who voted for Obama last time were lukewarm this time and were going to sit this election out. But in some of the swing states, the GOP were making it harder for people to vote and this really made many lukewarm voters mad. VERY VERY mad. So they went to the polls and voted to push against what they saw as voter suppression. They stood lines for up to 8 hours. We as Catholics rightly have deep concerns over our religious freedom being eroded. But making it harder for people to excerice their right to vote is just as concerning.

If the GOP in those swing states had left well enough alone, I expect the results would be different.

GOP shot themselves in the foot, and Romeny's campaign just didnt do a good job. And that matters.

Chris said...

One wishes Weigel was not such a shill for big government during the Bush years. If the Leviathan state had not grown so much from 2001-2008, Obama probably would never have been elected, and even if he was, he would have had much less of a platform with which to do damage. It's ironic to hear Weigel bemoan a result he helped bring about. I wish he would give more credence to thinkers like Albert J. Nock and less to Leo Strauss.

Tim said...

When storms arise and the
clouds of night
Are gathering black over
hill and plain,
Shine out through the danger
O, Fadeless Light,
And show us the shelter
of Home again!
When the night seems long and
the Goal seems far
And the Darkness lies over both
land and sea,
Shine out of the Heavens,
O, Morning Star,
And guide us in peace to the
Lord and Thee.

Brian O'Higgins

Manny said...

The election was a disaster for Christians. Obama ran on free contraception and expanded abortion funding and won, with Catholics actually giving him a majority of their vote. On top of that gay marriage won in four state referendums. Our culture is doomed. We have become Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Manny - don't overreact! The election result more than anything reflected the tendency that sitting presidents are not denied a second term unless circumstances are especially dire. Obama's popular vote was well down on 2008 although his "ground war" was very effective in the swing states.

Obama has been a mediocre president and the GOP lost an election it could and should have won. So the main thing is for the GOP to learn the lessons: get a better candidate, rein in the lunatic fringe, develop a vocabulary which does not needlessly alienate people and invest in better ground war apparatus.