Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To St Mary's College,

...Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. Gave a talk to a group a the Benedict XVI Community House, on Faith, Culture and the New Evangelisation. I am interested in the point made by Weigel in his biography on Bl John Paul:   "Culture is what drives history over the long haul."  Not politics or economics. The Church does not impose herself by statecraft: she preaches the message of the Gospel - and sings it, and draws it, and paints it, and walks it, and celebrates it, and lives it in serve to the poor and sick and imprisoned.

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Malcolm said...

Do you have any more on this?

The Marxist understanding is that economics drives culture. The technology that people have creates their moral and philosophical thinking. Marx rather over-egged the pudding, for instance it seems unlikely that production is actually responsible for the phenomenon of consciousness. But to a large extent he was obviously right. Just to take a small example, in Tom Brown's Schooldays the boys drink bottled beer. Water purification technology created a whole new set of moral values.