Saturday, October 13, 2012

Been reading...

...."The Secret Life of John Paul II" by Lino Zani.   The title aims to get the book sold, and sounds tabloid-ish. But the reality is the thoughtful, vivid and rather piognant tale of Bl. JP's skiing trips in the mountains - he stayed at the ski-hut run by the author's family, went skiing with joy, prayed long and silently in the breathtaking beauty, came to know the family  and to share in their joys and sorrows.  And there is more: it was in this place that  some of the most terrible battles of World War I were fought, soldiers suffering and dying in the bitter cold - JPII's father was among those who battled there.....there is a great significance in all this and in the great rugged Cross marking the battlefield:  but do get the book and read for yourself. It's not great literature: the author is a mountaineer and ski instructor. But it's a good read and will get you thinking a bit.

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