Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bit worried...

...about the great Pilgrimage Along the Thames on Sunday (see various posts on this Blog in recent days/weeks). Spent today sorting out various arrangements. What if it simply pours and pours w. rain and we just can't struggle along the towpath by the Thames any longer? I started to worry about this and then realised: we stop, and walk inland and catch a bus or two. The whole route, although it gets fairly rural at times (Kew Gardens, Old Deer Park) is in the London suburbs, and nowehere is far from civilisation and buses and indeed tubes and trains. Our final destination at Hampton Wick - just across the river from Kingston - is half an hour from central London by public transport.

But I'd still be v. grateful for the prayers of  faithful readers of this Blog - this is a young people's Pilgrimage, and the aim is to the pray for the New Evangelisation...may I ask, in particular, my American readers - especially those who love London and enjoy reading about it  - to pray for us? 


Catherine said...

Please consider yourselves prayed for by your friends across the pond!

Pearl of Tyburn said...

Hi, Aunti Joanna,

Your Pilgrimage on the Thames sounds exciting, as did the recent Eucharistic procession. I truly wish I could participate in this marvelous events.

As Catherine said, you and yours will definately be in the prayers of we Britophiles in the ex-13 colonies ;-)

God Bless,
Pearl of Tyburn