Wednesday, September 19, 2012

THIS IS A THREAT... freedom, to children's health and wellbeing, to medical ethics.

Read this:

"Laws and policies that impede access to sexual and reproductive health services must be changed, including laws criminalizing certain services only needed by women; laws and policies allowing conscientious objection of a provider to hinder women’s access to a full range of services; and laws imposing third-party authorization for access to services by women and girls."

It comes from a United Nations report, just published, and translated it means: "Every country must enforce abortion as a part of routine health care, with any objections banned by law and young girls given abortions without their parents' knowledge or consent."

The report is  labelled "Human Rights Council  -    Twentieth session -  Agenda items 2 and 3.   Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary-General Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights,including the right to development".
You can read the report here . Your Member of Parliament needs to know that the UN is trying to crush our freedom to have laws that offer even some  tiny degree of ethical standards in health care. Taken at face value, the statement above effectively bans any restriction on even the most sordid and ruthless of backstreet abortionists,  removes the rights of all doctor and health-care workers to refuse procedures that involve killing babies, and under the guise of "access to services by women and girls" makes it illegal for anyone to be informed when a teenager is given a medical procedure about which she does not have full knowledge and to which she is too young to give consent. 

The jargon of a "rights-based approach" means that the supposed "right" to have an abortion trumps any other right. So abortion can be subject to no legal restrictions whatever. The Report's aim is tro impose the killing of babies worldwide, with all opposition crushed.

Don't just mumur  how "Oh, how terrible..." Write today to your MP: you can get  his or her name on this link.  Might be useful to write to the Foreign Secretary too. In your letter, explain that you do not need a standard reply: you need a specific assurance that this United nations report will be opposed. The issues here are not only the horror of imposing abortion but also the question of our freedom: to debate and make laws according to our consciences, to  care for the young, to uphold medical ethics. And we must insist on freedom of speech: if  we disagree with a United Nations report on abortion, we must be free to say so whenever we want and to teach others why we disagree with it, and to organise opposition to it. We need our legislators to state clearly their support for this freedom.

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Manny said...

It occurs to me that perhaps we Catholics should be like Muslims and rampage and burn cities down over these immoral laws against poor innocence being slaughtered. I don't really mean that, but perhaps if we did we might get somewhere.