Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cardinal Timothy Dolan...

...beams cheerily from a book cover as I unwrap the parcel that arrives by today's post.

I was just leaving the house when the postman arrived and in fact I had just been pondering what to take to read on the train. With excellent timing, HM's mails produced the answer.

A People of Hope is a good read: honest, uplifting, informative. In a sense, it was just what I needed as I embarked on a day of sundry errands but also much pondering...Cardinal Dolan is a wise and cheerful man, with something Chestertonian about him. A good read.

Today: grim news concerning the Govt's renewed efforts to force through a redefinition of marriage: Nick Clegg's branding of us as "bigots" and then hurriedly having to explain didn't of course mean that...C'mon, Nick, who are you trying to fool? You honestly do seem to  think that those who disagree with you are simply bigoted, and you cannot seem to grasp the real issues at stake.Oh, dear...

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