Friday, February 04, 2011

Things have been busy...

...and Auntie is hampered by having a broken arm. You can catch up with me here.

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David said...

There is already a way to contribute to the Ordinariate. Go the the website of The Catholic League and find the Blessed John Henry Newman Fund: Here is an extract from the site:
Donate to the Ordinariate
The League is now accepting donations towards the Ordinariate through the Blessed John Henry Newman Fund. If you wish to donate to a specific group, please email us and we will ensure your gift is restricted to that purpose.

All monies received by the Newman Fund will be passed to the Ordinary or the specific group you have designated. The Newman Fund will close once the Ordinariate's own systems for managing donations are in place.

Special Edition of "The Messenger": Anglicans and Catholics in Communion.
The special edition of The Messenger, 300 pages covering issues of Patrimony, Unity and Mission in the wake of Anglicanorum Coetibus, is available free of charge to all bona fide enquirers. Here is the list of contents and contributors.

The second printing is now available from the Secretary, David Chapman, c/o St Paul's Bookshop, Morpeth Terrace, London SW1P 1EP, beside Westminster Cathedral. A donation to the Blessed John Henry Newman Fund is requested to cover postal charges where applicable.

A new follow up The Messenger will be published in February-March 2011