Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A film about the Holy Father...

...produced a hall packed to capacity when it was shown at the Sacred Heart parish, Wimbledon, this week. I hugely recommend this film, which is produced by Rome Reports. It's called A Love Affair with the Truth and you can get it by clicking on to that link.

A friend, who lives in the parish, and is a fellow-enthusiast for Maryvale, had the idea of obtaining the film and having a showing in the hall. We offered fresh coffee and Bavarian chocolate cake, suggested a £3.00 donation (proceeds to Maryvale) and advertised the event in the parish newsletter and in neighbouring parishes. We expected a reasonable turnout - the parish is a big one with good numbers for Sunday Masses. We got a magnificent crowd - extra chairs brought in, standing room only at the back, people sitting on the floor. The parish priest gave a wonderful welcome, and as people left they were given copies of the special edition of Magnificat booklet, with all the liturgies for the Papal visit. It was a simply wonderful evening.

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Hannah said...

I would have been there but...once again the tubes were on strike :( Im glad it went well though :)