Wednesday, September 08, 2010

At the weekend...

...I went to the annual commemoration of St Edith at her Well in Kent.

St Edith was the daughter of King Edgar, one of our last Saxon kings. She was illegitimate, and was born at Kemsing and brought up in a convent. After his wife died, Edgar sought to legitimate Edith, and in due course she was offered the crown of England, but she declined it, preferring to remain in the convent and take her vows as a nun. She ministered to the poor and sick, especially little leper children, and legend says that one day the Christ-child joined them as they gathered round her for their daily meal.

St Edith is honoured at Kemsing, and we gathered at St Edith's well - where she drew water as a child - and prayed the Rosary there, then went on to the lovely home of the Tyler family nearby, for Benediction in the garden, and a delicious tea. A great gathering of local people, Catholics and Anglicans joining together.

Kent was glorious on this September day, and there was a treasure-hunt with Bible quotes to be found in the orchard and meadow, a delicious array of sandwiches and cakes in the cool shady patio (especially welcome for those of us who had walked as pilgrims from nearby Otford), and much talk...the forthcoming Papal visit very much in people's minds, hopes and anxieties being expressed...a happy day.


Maureen said...

This may interest you --

A petition re Catherine of Aragon -- the details are on the following link.

Dawn said...

Catching up reading your blog, Joanna.

Heavy harvest hit our family farm sooner than normal due to a very hot and dry summer so I haven't had time to sit and enjoy your entries.

We will end up closing sooner than normal but there is a silver lining in that. I wasnt sure if I would be able to watch any of the Holy Father's visit to Britian and Scotland because of harvest season, but now I can. :)

My prayers are with him and with all of our UK Catholic brothers and sisters. May his visit bring with it great fruits and strength, encouragement, and whatever else the Church is in need of across the pond.

God Bless!