Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Sept 26th
While sitting in the Library yesterday awaiting my turn at the computer, I devised this Quiz. Anyone may enter - email your answers to this blog. This is a serious Quiz: first correct set of answers gets a copy of my new book on Pope Benedict (published by Gracewing earlier this year). Only stipulation is: your entry to this Quiz must be accompanied by a (truthful) statement that you have done one of the things I listed the other day, eg contacted ACW website, ordered one or more of Pope Benedict's books from your local library.

This Quiz is aimed at encouraging greater knowledge of Britain's Catholic heritage, and is also fun. You will find most answers on the Internet and/or in your local library - which you will in any case be visiting because of ordering a couple of Ratzinger books.....

1.Where in Rome is a monument to the man comemorated in the "Skye Boat song"?
2.Which English king established Westminster Abbey?
3.Who was Bishop Richard Challoner?
4.Who is the hero of the London plague, whose body lies in Westminster Cathedral?
5. Who was Margaret Clitheroe and where is her home to be found?
6.What is the Royal Maundy?
7.Why is the Hilary law term so named?
8.Where is Tyburn? What now comemorates the Catholic martyrs who suffered there?
9. Name the village outside Oxford where John Henry Newman was recievd into the Catholic Church.
10. Who wrote the hymn "Faith of our Fathers"?
12.Where is Hilaire Belloc buried?
13.Who was Anne Line?
14.Who was Abbot Richard Whiting?
15. Give the rest of the line of this poem:
"Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
16.Who had a vision of Our Lady at Walsingham, causing a shrine to be erected there?
17.Who was St Thomas More's son in law, who wrote an acount of More's death?
18.Who was the first Archbishop of Westminster, following the restoration of the RC hierarchy in England and Wales in 1850?
19. Who was St George?
20. When did Pope John Paul 11 visit Britain?
21. Which famous London Catholic church comemorates a Saxon princess from Ely?

I need your answers by Oct 15th. If this Quiz is popular, I'll do others.

Teachers/catechists: why not download this quiz and get your pupils to work on it?


Jay Anderson said...

Excellent quiz! Surprisingly, I knew most of the answers.

Anonymous said...

Not easy. I thought I was a Catholic history buff, but I only knew a few answers. I will blame my bad showing on the fact I live in California and not the UK.
I do enjoy your blog though, keep blogging.


Love2Learn Mom said...

Great quiz. I only know three answers off the top of my head (5, 10 and 17), but will be researching the others with my 13 year old daughter later this week. We're a homeschool family from Wisconsin, but she has a strong interest in British history and literature.

Anonymous said...

I have all the answers but I can't find your email address!