Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunday Sept 17tth
Delightful gathering at St Edith's Well in Kemsing, Kent, to honour this little-known Saxon saint (princess, refused crown of England, became nun, cared for leper children, patron of people with diseases of eyes or suffering spiritual blindness). Walked there from Otford with friend as pilgrims, stopping in (lovely, medieval) Anglican church to say the Rosary - Mysteries of Light, with September sunshine pouring in through ancient windows, gentle words of "Hail Mary" renewing one's soul). Bishop John Hine of Southwark gave us Benediction in glorious garden of local family, who then hosted tea and cakes....they had also arranged special competition, hung white sheet over hedge and invited people to guess what this represented. Any takers from readers of this blog?

Many thanks to all who have emailed me with encouragement re my TV debate re the H. Father. I am due to do some more media interviews on this: PRAYERS BADLY NEEDED, especially that I will remain calm. And greetings to old friends who have contacted me via this blog - esp. Paul from Adelaide: yes of course Jamie and I both remember that lovely day exploring the S. Australia coast, and walking round the island.....

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Anonymous said...

the white sheet over the hedge - the recuscants' sign indicating "Mass is being offered here" (I think)