Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sat Sept 9th 2006

There's an important feature in this weekend's CATHOLIC TIMES, about the legal implications of new restrictions on our freedom of speech: putting the traditional Christian teaching on the wrongfulness of homosexual acts could get us in troube with the police. This sounds like scaremongering, but I don't think it is: already three different groups of Evangelical Christians and one Catholic have experienced this. The idea is that some one complains that you have made "homophobic" comments, and the police start to ask questions....there are going to be difficulties, too about Christian conference centres offering residential accomodation which refuse to give a double room to two homosexuals - who perhaps deliberately ask for one in order to start a test fact a number of worrying possibilities are now on the visible horizon and steering towards us. Get the CATHOLIC TIMES for Sept 10th 2006 (available at the back of any Cath church) and read the feature. (As it happens, it is on the page before my weekly feature on asaints and seasons....which of course you should read too).

J. and I had a glorious walk on the Common and tea at a favourite teashop before spending much of the evening at our computers. I told myself I was picking up skills re. my blog, but actually I spent quite a lot of time trawling the Internet, especially some of the religious sites. Found a delicious nutty the-end-is-nigh website which had detailed information explaining that Prince Charles is the Antichrist .

Also checked on German TV to see the Holy Father in Bavaria. He looked splendid and very happy and was greeted by children in dirndls and much cheering and formal presentations and so on. But he spoke rather seriously about passing on the Faith to the next generation, valuing what we had been is going to be quite a job to keep the Church alive in these traditionally Catholic areas given the sorts of comments made by even people of goodwill among the crowds (assuming the quotes extracted by vox-pop reporters) to be accurate.("I like the Pope but I don't agree with him about homosexual marriage and about abortion. But we do need some values, and I'm definitely Catholic." Oh, help).


Brendan Allen said...

That reminds me. . .

I remember about 10 or twelve years ago, in one of Dublin's best second-hand bookshops, coming across a small book from an American evangelist; I briefly thumbed throught it, and towards the end, I came across the revelation that the anti-Christ is, in fact, King Juan Carlos of Spain! I didn't buy the book, in case you're wondering.

Mac McLernon said...

Hi Joanna, great to see that you've joined the tradition of Catholic Bloggers, and welcome to the Blogosphere! I've added you to my links

Fr Tim Finigan said...

I agree with you that this is a very important issue and I think the Catholic Church in E&W is sleepwalking into it. I think it will take the first test case to wake people up.

Great to have you in the blogosphere!

George said...

Homosexuality simply has to be exposed for what it is - a dysfunctional personal CHOICE of lifestyle.

It is neither inherited - the 'gay gene'is scientifically disproven -neither is it a 'normal' way for human beings to behave. Frankly it strips the human being of all dignity and locks that soul into a tortuous merry-go-round of physical and psychological pain and abuse until that person finally succumbs to the myriad of sexually transmitted diseases that can and often are fatal or the violent lifetsyle itself proves fatal.

Anyway, the word 'homophobia' implies the fear of homosexuals and I for one, do NOT fear homosexuals.

Yes, there are deliberate aims to bring this to a higher level of profile, but then with the high percentage of homosexuals in media, arts, politics and law it is on the cards.

However, when 'it' does hit the fan, the homosexuals should be asked to clearly define exactly what it is THEY ACTUALLY DO???

Perhaps we will not see them so obnoxiously vociferous on that one. AND please God, just maybe they will take some time to reflect on their lifetstyle choice and look to change.

Great Catholic organisations exist that can help them 'grow out' of this disastrous and destructive way of life.

Great to have you blogging Joanna.