Friday, December 13, 2019


...that the first thing that must be done when the results of an election are announced, is that the person whose party can command a clear majority in the House of Commons should go to the Queen, who will invite him to form a government. It was with relief, rather than any other emotion,  that many of us watched Boris Johnson make that journey, and return to applause at Downing Street.

I am actually appalled that the Labour party managed to garner as many votes as it did, given the horrible anti-semitic message that had become central to its ideological stance, together  its commitment to the Leninist views of the rich bossy people who are now in charge of its policies. It's worrying that numbers of people would vote for all of that...and it cannot be that they were wholly ignorant, as it has all been widely discussed on-line, on TV, and so on. And as for the commitment of both Labour and the Liberals-Dems to advancing the proliferation of abortion...why would anyone want that? Surely there is at least a human recognition that abortion is a ghastly thing to do...there should be common ground that even it is considered acceptable (and I don't accept it), this could only be for the most limited of reasons. The present law is horrible enough:  the notion of positively encouraging abortion is surely one of the weirdest and nastiest any politician could offer..

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