Wednesday, August 07, 2019

That ghastly shooting in the USA... this

America probably has the same proportion of nutcases and fanatical wanna-be murderes as any other country.But there's one big difference between the USA and other countries. In the USA, such people can get access to guns. It's absurd and uncivilised. It will now be difficult to make it much harder to acquire or to keep a gun - but the attempt must be made.


Leslie said...

In 2016, 86 people were killed and 458 injured in Nice, by someone driving a cargo truck.

84 people have been killed with knives in London so far this year.

Guns aren't the problem, nor are trucks, nor are knives. My mother said that when she was in school every boy carried a knife in his pocket; but there was never any violence done.

I believe this all ties in to the fact that for over 40 years Americans have been told that they should be able to kill babies in the womb if a baby is an inconvenience. If it's okay to kill the smallest, most innocent people just on a whim, it's okay to kill anybody who's an incovenience or a bother. Human life has been devalued.

Patricius said...

With respect to your previous commenter I would say this.
Americans were shooting each other long before they legalised abortion. There is, I feel sure, a deeper cultural component to this phenomenon- however the widespread and easy accessibility of such weapons constitutes what we call an "occasion of sin" for too many people. A man with a knife is dangerous, it is true, but a man with a gun can kill at a distance.