Thursday, August 29, 2019

Now it is time to watch...

...this rather important video.

Watch it and then ponder it.  Then  share it with others.

It is of great importance. For your understanding of freedom and justice.

Watch it here.


Leslie said...

It is a gross miscarriage of justice. Apparently "beyond a reasonable doubt" means "if there's even the very slightest, tiniest, most infinitesimally itsy bitsy possibility that maybe all the other witnesses are lying and something manifestly impossible actually happened" in Victoria, which must be Australian for "where justice goes to die."

Pelerin said...

Joanna - Can you confirm that it was not you who sent an email to me at 9.17 this morning? I have not clicked on. It is not the first time I have had an email purporting to be from you.

Joanna Bogle said...

Dear Pelerin

I most certainly did not send you an email. I do not have your email address...I don't even know who you are!!! This is some person using my name. My advice is not to open the thing, but just delete it.