Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A fellow Catholic writer and journalist...

... Caroline Farrow, has been questioned by police because she used the pronoun "he" in a discussion about a man who now says he is a woman.

I am not making this up.

Apparently she might be prosecuted under a law that could imprison her for two years.

Today's Daily Telegraph sums up the situation well:
'She is to be interviewed under caution  following a television debate with a transgender activist who took exception to Mrs Farrow's refusal to say "she" instead of "he".This might be a point of issue between the two individuals but by what possible measure of sanity does it become a matter for a police investigation?

'Moreover, what law has she broken? It is not the job of the police to dance to the tune of the aggressively militant and miniscule trans lobby but t uphold the law of the land. Whatever misgendering is, it is not an offence.'

There is something evil around in Britain at present - a spirit of vindictiveness and spite, in an atmosphere of confusion.  Pray for our country.


Francis said...

Absolutely insane. Yes you are right that frenzy and overreaction are features of modern life. Also there is a massive amount of bullying particularly of those with faith and more particularly those who are women.

Anonymous said...

So what did all those British die for in WWI and WWII? I see this coming to America. It's nuts.