Saturday, March 23, 2019

Want to give a child a special Easter gift?

Try "A Book of Saints and Heroes" and/or "A Book of Saints and Heroines". Yours for £5.00p - contact this Blog WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS OR  POSTAL ADDRESS AT WHICH I CAN REACH YOU.  These are satisfying, readable, stories, attractive paperbacks, about some of the great men and women of the Christian centuries.

Enjoy school-stories? Ask me about "We didn't mean to start a school", a cheerful girls'-school story.

Chocolate eggs are a must for Easter - but a really satisfying book adds to the joy...

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Leslie said...

I just bought and read We Didn't Mean to Start a School (though it was after Easter and I am an adult) and enjoyed it very much. But there doesn't seem to be a sequel, and I want one!