Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Anglo-Saxons...

... were a most remarkable people, and you can connect with them  now at the British Library.Thousands of people have been doing so..

Once baptised and made Christian,  the Anglo-Saxons - barbarians from outside the Roman Empire, who invaded Roman Britain as that Empire crumbled -  produced the most magnificent books and illuminated manuscripts,  and in an extraordinary once-in-a-generation event, the most important of their prayer-books, psalters, Bibles and missals have been gathered as part of this magnificent exhibition.

I visited this superb collection with Sarah de Nordwall right at the beginning - the exhibition runs until mid-Feb - and we were riveted by it all. We had already been planning to offer a day of discovery of Anglo-Saxon Christianity, and this exhibition strengthened our enthusiasm. You can enjoy discovering Anglo-Saxon Christianity with us on March 4th, with pancakes too as part of Shrovetide. You will need to book: details here.

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