Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I AM FED UP.,.,.,

...with campaigns against men.  So it was a relief to read this excellent feature.

This morning I led another History Walk around London. We stopped to pray at the site of St Thomas More's martyrdom on Tower Hill. Its stands in a small secluded garden, with his name listed along with those of others who were executed there.  It adjoins the large garden area that is sacred to the memory of the hundreds of men who died at sea serving in the Merchant Navy in two world wars.  These were the men who died bringing food to our beleagured country. They included boys in their teens. People like me were born into a free country because of men like that.


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Stitcher said...

AMEN! I'm as disgusted with all the talk of "toxic masculinity" When will it end? I believe it's all part of the "gender is fluid" movement and it is destroying this world. Lord help us.