Friday, October 13, 2017

Towards the ending...

...of a busy week, I realised that it had been too busy.

Mildly enforced rest. Opportunity to catch up on reading. Recognition, on looking through the diary, that it had indeed been rather hectic. The problem is that I wouldn't have missed any of it.

A delightful visit to a delightful school to present prizes won in the 2017 Schools Bible Project.   A talk to a packed gathering of the Pure in Heart group in London.

Earlier in the week, two London Catholic History Walks...and each time there are new links with history to discover, origins of  words or place-names, folklore, battles, on the next Walks is here

And, all week, when not otherwise engaged, busy on research work at St Mary's University and loving it.

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Francis said...

I do hope you are having some rest and looking after yourself dear Joanna as you precious to us. Yesterday was the Rosary Crusade to Brompton Oratory - how lovely and special it was - we all felt exalted after the experience. How much we love the rosary and Mary. I fine Homily by the Scottish Bishop John Keenan - very powerful about the evils facing us.