Thursday, December 15, 2016

Traditional carols...

...rang out across London's Victoria station for two hours this evening, and it was glorious. Circumstances didn't seem ideal - a noisy rally connected with the ghastly rail strike was happening across the other side of the concourse, and it was a relief when they finally marched away, shouting slogans and blowing whistles. As they marched off, we were just finishing a carol, so we paused to let them pass before starting the next one. (Having looked up the pay and conditions connected w. this dispute, I am underwhelmed by the claims of the strikers and their bullying tone).

The carolling team, led by the excellent Yvonne Windsor, were under the banner of  St Joseph's, Roehampton, but  included volunteers from different parishes. We all sang with relish and a number of people came to join us, some just staying for a carol or two, some for half an hour or more of singing. We got lots and lots of donations - all funds raised will go to charities helping children  - and lots of people took selfies with us, , or brought their children to watch us, or stopped to applaud. It was lovely.

Singing carols at railway stations is for me one of the best bits of Christmas. Next week it'll be London Bridge, organised by the Ladies Ordinariate Group.

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