Monday, December 19, 2016

Distributing prizes... always a most agreeable way of spending a winter afternoon. It was a delight to go to the St John Bosco College in Battersea to present prizes to three students whose work was of special merit in the St Nicholas essay project organised as party of the TOWARDS ADVENT Festival.  We had two joint First Prize winners this year, one from St Edmund's College, Ware, and one from St John Bosco College - and two runner-up prizes from the latter. I was warmly welcomed to a special Assembly in order to present these to the students...they each received a book prize, and the winner a modest cash prize, and all were wrapped up with Christmas ribbons and some chocolate coins...

St John Bosco College is a vast brand-new building, and the school cherishes its Salesian roots and style alongside a sense of starting afresh on new premises. I liked the bass-reliefs on the walls featuring St John Bosco and other saints - and was also impressed with the smart new technology,  which meant that minutes after the presentation of prizes, pictures of the event were up on the website, visible on the screen in the main entrance. All this plus a very friendly atmosphere, students in smart blue uniforms, a sense of order and courtesy...I enormously enjoyed my visit.

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