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...is the name of the magazine of Westminster Cathedral. You can pick up a copy (it's free!) of the latest issue  at the Cathedral...or you can download it  here...

Auntie has a feature about the great Jesuit Henri de Lubac. Read and enjoy...

For those who have recently sent Comments to this Blog about visiting London and wanting to know about Catholic sites of interest: if you write to me giving an email address to which I can reply I will do my best to give you some information.  But there is so much to see!! Ideally, invite me to lead you on a Catholic History Walk!!  I am particularly happy to lead groups...just contact me BUT I DO NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS AT WHICH I CAN REACH YOU!!! Obviously I will not publish the address - just head your Comment NOT FOR PUBLICATION and then send me a message including your email (or postal, if you prefer) address.

As a rough guide to places of interest (nearest Tube stations listed alongside):
Westminster Cathedral (VICTORIA or ST JAMES PARK)
Tower of London (Tower Hill)
Site of SS Thomas More and John Fisher's execution (Tower Hill)
Tyburn Convent (Marble Arch)
St George's Cathedral Southwark (Waterloo or Lambeth North)
Westminster Abbey (WESTMINSTER) - be prepared to queue up, there are great crowds. (There is a neccessary  modest fee for viewing the ancient tombs etc).  And, before you ask: yes, this is where Prince William was married.

And in answer to frequent questions: it is not possible to visit St Thomas More's cell in the Tower and this is NOT because "Catholics are banned from there" or anything like that. It is simply because it is part of the Governor's House and the only way to get a flow of regular visitors would be to knock down parts of the various walls and staicases and install a new entrance etc...which would mean it was no longer St Thomas More's cell. Mass has been celebrated there on special occasions.  At the Tower, you should visit the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, and also the cells where John Gerard, Edmund Campion, etc were imprisoned and tortured. There are detailed displays about these and other heroic  Catholic martyrs.  The site of More's martyrdom is outside the Tower, in what is now a garden/park area adjoining the big memorial gardens to the men of the Merchant Navy who died at sea in WWI and WWII: take time to ponder the long lists of names, and honour the memory of these brave men.

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