Monday, March 14, 2016

Family time... a dear young relative  had kindly agreed to tackle some computer problems for me. Children running about, Auntie soon busy with  small girl, getting dolls dressed and fed...small girl then announced one of the dollies was ill and we needed a  hospital, so briskly changed into nurse's uniform and transformed the play room into a ward with dolls in beds...small brother eagerly brought various fluffy toys: "This one has has a bad back and is feeling poorly". "I think this one has an enormous thorn in his foot". Hospital occasionally interrupted by arrival of model helicopter flown by older brother. The latter agreed to be a temporary patient too and had foot swathed in lengths of bandage. Also Unc J,  who recuperated sufficiently to  relax reading The very hungry Caterpillar to smallest child.  Talkative and delicious family supper. Prayers: children snuggled on cushions with their mother, all saying the Rosary.

Home late. House still in chaos due to building work - all done by Poles who not use definite article when speaking so Auntie discover she not use it either, also not bother conjugate verbs.

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