Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The New Movements... the Catholic Church had a big gathering recently in Rome. And here in Britain they have an occasional get-teogether, with a representative or two  from each group...and today I went along for the first time, representing the FAITH Movement. It was a useful and friendly day, with quite an upbeat feel,  and I learned a lot. There were a good many people I already knew, and we were given a warm welcome at the Focolare Centre in Welwyn Garden City (never been there really is a garden city, at least the part where you approach it from the railway station...all wide lawns and green spaces with shops alongside).

The people from the Neo-Catechumenate were interesting - I met them once on Ealing Common where they were doing a sort of mission/evangelisation thing.  They've just published a book by their founder, which will be launched at Westminster Cathedral Hall next week.

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