Monday, December 15, 2014

...and a wonderful welcome in Torquay...

...where the choir at the Ordinariate Mass sang a joyful "Gaudete! Gaudete!" and I enjoyed a delicious lunch and got the whole story on the Torquay Ordinariate project.The local Methodists in Chelston have had to leave their church, and have asked the Ordinariate to "keep the flame of faith burning" there,  Fr David and his team are committed to doing just that, and more - and they will need your help and mine to do so.

Send them a Christmas donation, large or small. This is your opportunity to do something positive in response to that moan that has become so popular "Oh, we are no longer a Christian country..."

The Torbay team are busy with outreach - their charity shop not only offers a magnificent local service but is also a place of welcome, good cheer, advice, counsel and simple neighourly friendship for the lonely...the church will be a place of glorious worship, sound teaching, youth activities, and mission. This is a story of hope as a New Year beckons...join in and be part of it!

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