Friday, November 22, 2013

Rather too busy...

...and consequently overtired. Emerging from the Tube at Sloane Square, everything transformed by the most glorious singing...a young girl pouring out  "O mio Babbino caro", in a beautiful voice, the music cascading out across the bustle and the traffic. People stopped. I stopped. It was the standard music-student-appealing-for-funds thing, a hat placed on the pavement... I was hauling along an overloaded suitcase topped by two  bulging plastic carrier bags, and had been planning to get a taxi. But this girl at least  merited a couple of coins...fumbled in my purse...only found a fiver.  I wouldn't normally give anything like that. But this is one of Auntie's best-loved pieces of music and it was worth every penny. And I told her so. As she helped me with my bags and whispered "God bless you!" a bus trundled satisfyingly into sight, and soon I was well on my way to a big cup of tea, and a long rest. Bliss.

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