Friday, November 22, 2013

An angry anti-Christian lobbying group...

...has been trying to get itself publicity by demanding that the annual Remembrance Day service should be stripped of all religious content, and reduced to a series of wreath-laying rituals. So, a century after the  deaths of so many young in the Great War , we are meant to sign them up posthumously as members of the National Secular Society? What gives the horrid NSS the right to do that?

All my life, at every church I have ever attended, war memorials have featured lists and lists of the names of members of the my childhood and teenage years, the names on the  two big War Memorials in our church in Wallington echoed with names still familiar within the parish: men who were uncles, brothers, fathers, husbands, men whose young faces were still imprinted on memories, who had been altar-servers or Scouts or members of different parish groups and sodalities. How DARE the NSS now announce that these men are to be denied Christian commemoration by our nation? How DARE the NSS announce that these men are to be reinvented as 21-century bossy anti-religious campaigners?

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