Saturday, October 05, 2013

Traditional Mass for...

...the Knights and Dames of St Gregory, at the Church of SS Anselm and Cecilia, in Holborn, a part of London rich in history: the pub where Bishop Richard Challoner used to meet Catholics to give instruction is just round the corner and carries a commemorative plaque telling all about it.

This evening's Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Mario Conti, and there was glorious singing (Mozart: Missa Brevis in D for the Kyrie and Gloria)  from the Scola of the Cardinal Vaughan School. Various Knights did the readings, brought up the Offertory etc. The Agnus Dei and Sanctus were Missa de Angelis and we all joined in heartily, and the hymns included Praise to the Holiest, and Soul of my Saviour... During the Bidding Prayers, we prayed for deceased Knights and Dames and a long list was read out, including names that one recognised as having done all sorts of different things for the Church in Britain...The Knights' formal uniform is in green and silver, a sort of mess-kit, and Dames wear green cloaks. Thanks to the generous and heroic work of a kind friend, designing and stitching,  I wore mine for the first time, feeling a tiny share in a big history.

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Malcolm said...

The Ship Tavern, Old Specked Hen, 3.30 to 3.60 (probably 3.60). For London that's pretty good.

Pray for me to get the job I'm going to an interview for on Tuesday. It's in London. So I'll make the Ship my local.