Friday, October 11, 2013

The Catholic Women of the Year Luncheon... always a very cheerful event, and this year was a bit special because, in addition to the four Catholic Women of the Year, a special award was given to the wives of the Ordinariate clergy. This was a really lovely idea, and the Award - in the form of a framed certificate with a message honouring them  - was  accepted on their behalf by Mrs Jill Newton, wife of the Ordinary.

There was an excellent talk by Dr Caroline Fairey, of the Maryvale Institute. She spoke of the significance of the date - Oct 11th, anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, and of the Council of Ephesus many centuries before. It was at Ephesus that the Church's doctrine on Christ's true divinity was firmly upheld, through the statement that Mary was truly Mother of God, and not merely the mother of  a man called Jesus Christ. Caroline's talk combined erudition with a lively account of recent gatherings in Rome to support the work of teaching and passing on the Faith, and ended on a quiet meditative note and a prayer in which we all joined...

I was at the table with the Ordinariate ladies, and it was talkative and fun. They are a dedicated and courageous lot, and I warmly agree with the citation honouring them. They have “bravely supported their husbands on the path to Christians unity: in the process they have surrendered financial security and family homes while having to support their families at a time of great stress and uncertainty. They are an often forgotten but nevertheless vital part of fulfilling the vision of the Ordinariate.”

The mood at the Luncheon was friendly and there is always a great sense of community, and of energy and commitment in supporting the Church.

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