Saturday, September 21, 2013

There are plans for...

...a practical "How to" training weekend in public speaking, in the service of the New Evangelisation, to be held at Maryvale (Birmingham, England)  in the early Spring.   Date would be Feb 8th/9th.

 Interested? Please send a Comment to this Blog INCLUDING, WITHIN THE BODY OF YOUR COMMENT AN EMAIL ADDRESS AT WHICH I CAN CONTACT YOU. The Comment will of course not be published.

The main session would be on the Saturday, with the option to stay over for the Sunday. In addition to training, practical work, etc, we would have an inspirational guest speaker, Mass, and a social time...

A modest fee will be charged: one fee for day-attenders which would also cover lunch, coffee etc, and another fee to cover those who stay for the whole weekend.

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Joanna Bogle said...

Sister Lynn Marie has left a new comment on your post "There are plans for...":

You might consider inviting Fr. Robert Barron from
His 10-part series on Catholicism and his newest dvd on the new evangelization are briliant. Farm Street Church is already using his material as are religious formation programmes and other parishes in the country.