Thursday, September 05, 2013

On a hot summer's night in London...

...we gathered to mark the Silver Jubilee of Fr Alexander Sherbrook, at St Patrick's Church, Soho Square. The church was so packed that some of us were ushered up to the front to sit in the side-chapel behind the choir.  Glorious music. A vast number of priests concelebrating the Mass: it was moving and beautiful.  Among those present: Canon Christopher Tuckwell from Westminster Cathedral, Mgr Keith Newton,  Fr Hugh Mackenzie, Fr Stephen Langridge... Afterwards, a great gathering with delicious food, the cutting of a ceremonial cake, lots and lots of talk and greetings and friendship... Perhaps the most powerful part of the evening occurred when, after a sudden call for silence,  the priests in the room began to sing "ad multos annos...", traditionally sung by students of the English College in Rome when they gather...

On such an evening, in such company, a sense of the quiet resilience  and strong faith of the Catholic Church in England.

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Suzanne Olipane said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening of worship, fellowship, and sharing the love of our Blessed Lord. Isn't it wonderful to a Catholic?! It's very exciting time of year in my parish (St. Patrick Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA) as we start a new year of Religious Education and as we kick off our parish wide "Discerning The Future".
The fall season is my favorite time of year with the many rich colors, football season, cooler temperatures, and the winding down of Ordinary Time with the anticipation Advent on the horizon. There are many Sts. Feast Days to celebrate and fall foods to enjoy! Many blessings to you, Joanna, to my fellow Catholics in England and throughout the world!

Suzanne Olipane ~ on my way to Eucharistic Adoration.