Saturday, March 03, 2012

To Allen Hall...

seminary for the diocese of Westminster. As we arrived, we were asked to respect the silence - the men studying there were having a silent retreat all day.

The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary was holding its annual meeting in one of the public rooms...superb lecture by Fr Aidan Nicholls. He spoke about Marian ecclesiology - I found it v. exciting to realise that it exactly chimed in with what I had been reading, studying and pondering in the light of Lumen Gentium (regular readers of this blog will know about this) and the significance of Bl John Paul's insights etc...

Think about Magnificat - it is the song of the Church, as well as of Mary...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna,

I just saw you on Journey Home and
you talked about the change of marriage in England. I just lost my elderly
mother and she had lost her mother
when she was 4 due to illness. She
was told that she stood at the window
and cried for her mother for three
days when she died. A month after my mother's
death I was suddenly filled with
missing her greatly. A thought
struck me deeply at that time. If
the same sex marriage is approved,
the government would be creating
a law that forbids children from
having a mommy. As a mommy I
find this heart breaking.

I so greatly hope you will share
this thought with the movement
in support of marriage in your

No government should ever forbid
a child from having a mommy.

God Bless you,