Thursday, June 30, 2011

Over twenty years ago...

...some of us got together to form the Association of Catholic Women. It's gone from strength to strength.We've just completed our big annual Schools RE Project and you can read about that here on my EWTN Blog. Coming up in due course are a pilgrimage to Minster-in-Thanet (Benedictine nuns, history going back to Saxon days, links w. the landing of St Augustine on that stretch of coast in the 6th century, etc etc...), our Annual Meeting with guest speaker Dr Philip Howard on "Blessed John Paul and medical ethics" plus a new documentary film on JPII...then in the Autumn we're deeply involved with the TOWARDS ADVENT Festival of Catholic Culture, which we help to sponsor (Sat Nov 19th, since you ask. Westminster Cathedral Hall. Put it in your diaries now))...

If you want to come along to an ACW event, there is information on the links I've given, or you can send me a Comment to this Blog, with your email address included in the tetxt so that I can reply to you and send you info. I CANNOT REPLY TO YOU UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS which, of course, I will not publish.

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Mary said...

Dear Joanna,

I just discover you and I am so happy! I watched a you tube video of you from an EWTN program where you spoke about your Feasts and Season's program. I am looking g forward to ordering your DVDs and learning more about you.

Love and God Bless,

Mary in Austin, Texas