Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Holy Father...

....doesn't have to fill in a complicated form in order to get to World Youth Day. He just has to pack a toothbrush and his sermon-notes and his Breviary...but it's not like that for us, and I've just spent a v. frustrating evening trying to sort things out for my accreditation. Every time I press "send" it states that my attachments (passport information, letter from editor of Catholic Times affirming that I'm their correspondent, etc) don't match, or something. And then I have to start all over again.

Yesterday the boiling hot weather broke in a glorious thunderstorm. I was having coiffee with a friend and when it was time to go she lent me an umbrella and I squelched very happily along through the suburban roads enjoying it all. Gloriously cool, and everything felt refreshed and delicious. Today, the garden looks better, the house is a pleasant place in which to work, everything seems easier than it did in the heat....but the WYD press accreditation thingummy still won't connect properly!!!!

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Hannah said...

I know right! even for me (just going as a youth)its so complicated .. I nearly cried out of frustration .. hanging on to enough composure to not throw my laptop out of the window. It'll be worth it though WYD is gonna be great :D