Saturday, January 15, 2011

HISTORY IS MADE.... Westminster Cathedral. Read about it here. The Anglican Ordinariate has been established, and honoured with the name of Our Lady of Walsingham. Its special patron will be Blessed John Henry Newman. Read the announcement from Rome here.

Over recent weeks, it's been exciting to be part of the team launching the magazine Portal, which is associated with the Ordinariate.

These are days to remember, days to cherish for always...


Manny said...

Wonderful. It must really be glorious for you British Catholics. Heck, it's glorious for us American Catholics! God bless.

H. Ledger said...

What wonderful news about the Anglican Ordinariate. Lets pray that there are more conversions during the months and years ahead. There is a real chance that the Anglo-Catholics can at last be in full communion with Rome and divisions made by man can be removed.

God bless,