Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A facinating evening... a lecture on the subject of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School. I have - like many other London Catholics - become aware of the tensions aurrounding the future of this excellent Catholic school.

Pope John Paul II in Familiaris Consortio, emphasised the central and fundamental role of parents in choosing an education for their children. Schools are to be run as a service for families, not regarded as part of an ideological battleground...

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Webmaster Gareth said...

Dear Joanna,

I have long been a "fan" of yours [i know the very term sounds hideous], primarily because whenever I hear you on the radio I am assured of sound common sense and Catholic wisdom, often in the face of some atheistic opponent or some wishy-washy BBC hireling.

I am thrilled to find your blog and will endeavour to pop by as often as time allows.

Thanks so much for all your superb work in providing that rarest of things: a Catholic voice in the media that isn't hand-wringing and worried about pleasing all the people all of the time.