Monday, November 23, 2009

The Internet... scarily good at turning non-events into news stories and whizzing them around the world, spreading false information. Read here to discover an example...

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Anonymous said...

On a side note...

I read your article "The “God-Bearer” -- Advent-Christmas 2009" about Saint Ignatius of Antioch who was born about year 50 in Syria.

In it you state "His life actually overlapped with that of Our Lord and the Apostles — tradition says that he was one of the children whom Christ picked up and blessed as described in the Scriptures: “Let the little children come to me....”

Auntie Joanna, could you please explain exactly how a saint who was born in Syria about the year 50 could have been physically embraced by Christ who was crucified and died at least 15 years earlier? Even the Catholic encyclopedia recognizes this assertion as "without good reason".

We don't want this to go wizzing around the world on the internet do we? :)

Thanks and God Bless!