Sunday, November 02, 2008

TOWARDS ADVENT... the name of the annual Festival of Catholic Culture, which will take place


at Westminster Cathedral Hall.


Doors open 10 am. Speakers include Fr Aidan Nicholls (11am) and Fr Nicholas Schofield (12.30pm). Workshop on Gregorian Chant. Wide variety of displays, bookstalls etc from Catholic groups and organisations. Christmas gifts and books on sale... Refreshments available all of Westminster Cathedral....

Do come!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour of the Cathedral, Joanna. I enjoy hearing what you have to say - and there is always something new to find out about the Cathedral. I stayed on for confession and Vespers while it grew dark and the candles flickered - very happy to be there.

I remembered on the train on the way home that the peacock is a symbol of immortality which is why it is used of Christ. Checked on the internet and found it to be so.

"Peacock: As a symbol of immortality (even St. Augustine believed the peacock's flesh to have "antiseptic qualities" and that it didn't corrupt), the peacock became a symbol of Christ and the Resurrection. Its image embellished everything from the Catacombs to everyday objects, like lamps, especially in early Romanesque and Byzantine churches. (The peacock, for obvious reasons, was also used as a symbol for pride, too)"

Hope to hear you speak again some day.

God bless,

Amette Ley