Monday, November 03, 2008

Scott Hahn...

...the evangelist, author, and lecturer, spoke to a packed church at Farm Street on Friday night. This was the Annual Lecture sponsored by the Catholic Truth Society and it was sold out. Deservedly so. It was an absolutely terrific lecture, immensely interesting. Taking as his theme the New Testament's description of the encounter on the road to Emmaus, he spoke about how the disciples had experienced their "hearts burning within them" when the stranger they encountered on the road explained the Scriptures to them, and then how they finally recognised Him "in the breaking of bread". Hahn showed how this is also the pattern of the Mass: the preparation in the Scriptures and then the reality of Christ in "breaking of bread". He set this in the background of his own journey to the Catholic Church beginning with a teenage involvement in a Bible study group, and then the massive influence of discovering the Church Fathers and the way they opened up the Scriptures for him...then the discovery of the Mass and the way it brings the Scriptures alive.

It was both inspiring and intellectually stimulating, and during his talk you could have heard a pin drop, the listening was so intense.


Ally said...

On Saturday I attended the Conference in Oxford (on Scripture & Liturgy) at which Scott Hahn was one of a number of distinguished guests. (Michael Waldstein, being another, who brought news hot off the press straight from the Synod in Rome.)
Meeting Scott Hahn in person has to be on top of the list of ' My Most Memorable Moments' thus far! I even went so far as asking for his signature in one of the books I'd purchased...! Not only is he knowledgable, sincere and approachable, but he loves the Lord in a very tangible way. His understanding of the Church and her role here on earth is staggering, and he is able to share his knowledge in a very personable way.
He certainly is Spirit filled and I thank God that we have him in our our Catholic midst.
I came home with so much to think about, pray about and praise God for.
Thank you, Joanna, for advertising this conference on your blog.

Tony Abbot's new view from the sky said...

Hi Joanna
I too relished hearing Scott at Farm Street - what a beautiful church it was my first visit.

Did I hear him correctly that the priest who received him into the Church was Mgr now Bishop Buskiewicz"