Monday, June 02, 2008

Prizewinners... the 2008 Schools RE Project run by the Association of Catholic Women get a Compendium of the Catholic Catechism, top prizewinners get a cash prize their schools, plus various books...cycling back today after another session of packing and posting at the Catholic Truth Society I suddenly worried that schools might get sniffy and say that the Compendium is too dull and formal a prize for a child. Of course the whole point is that it's meant to be a prize to keep and use throughout life, and also something that makes a formal statement about the Faith and its significance...what do Blog readers think?

Enjoyable correspondence about Mondegreens in the Daily Telegraph.

What is a Mondegreen? Go to the link to get the background re the name etc. One example is the monk in the middle of the Hail Mary "Blessed art thou a monk swimming..."


Anonymous said...

I don't think there's an ideal prize. It's got to be cheap, it's got to be something a child would appreciate, ideally it should be something they will keep into adult life as a momento of the competition, it should have a religious connection.

Maybe you could try to get them signed by someone famous. Like Tony Blair, if your connections stretch that far.

PS can you give us a debrief on the entries?

Anonymous said...

How about the Compendium (long-term, long-lasting prize) and an ice cream certificate (immediate gratification?) :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Margaret is right. They need at least a bar of chocolate to make the Compendium palatable. Otherwise it will be lost and forgotten, or else hang about getting dusty, like the majority of boring school prizes.

pattif said...

Yeahbut - the helf-n-safety/ nutrition police would be down on ACW like a ton of bricks for encouraging children to equate sweet stuff with rewards.