Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The National Catholic Register... the USA contacted me to write something about the future of Catholic adoption societies in Britain now that we have this horrible new law compelling all such groups to agree in principle to place children with homosexuals and lesbians or face being closed down. You will be able to read my piece in a few days in the Register.

Whatever happens to the various Catholic adoption societies - and it is better that they close down than attempt to compromise with a grossly immoral law - the ordinary secular authorities are vigourously promoting the lesbian and homosexual lifestyles. A horrid poster in our local shopping centre enthuses brightly for lesbians to come forward to take other people's children for fostering and adoption. (We can be sure that the people who designed the poster are not offering their own offspring for this social experiment).

Children are not a piece of property to which people have a "right".


Anonymous said...

This worries me, though not mainly for the few children who are fostered by lesbian couples, although placing an already deeply damamged child into that situation doesn't bear thinking about.

My worry is that it totally discredits liberalism in the eyes of the public, and we'll have a very harsh reaction.

Deb DownUnder said...

I was talking to an adoptive parent who asked whether relinquishing mothers in England have any say about who adopts their babies. She thought that since birth mothers have been (to some degree) empowered regarding their involvement in the adoption process and may have the ability to remain in touch with their children throughout their lives, will their wishes, hopes and aspirations for their relinquished offspring be ignored? If a birth mother does not want her child adopted by a homosexual couple--and she says so, perhaps because she is Catholic or of another faith and wishes her child raised in that faith by a mother and a father--what happens? Are the rights of a gay adoptive couple greater than those of a heterosexual adoptive couple vis a vis the birth mother'rights and wishes?