Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A traditional Catholic parish network ...

...can be a great support, I have discovered. During a recent hospital stay, my mother was visited over various days by the Legion of Mary from her local parish, and by the hospital chaplain - who is priest of the parish in which the hospital is situated - and by a kindly nun. In addition, she had visits from friends from her parish Bible Study group (which meets at her home, Mother usually presiding with tea and buns etc). It has all been a great support and help and contributed very substantially to her good morale.

Making a list of things for which one is deeply, heartily, utterly, grateful, I would currently include the following: family, a free Health Service, international phone calls, pain relief, mobile phones, good coffee, a free Health Service, friends, large-print books, a free Health Service, email, washing machines, taxis, bicycles, a free Health Service.

I know - the Health Service isn't free, we all pay for it through our taxes. Well, given the daft things for which we are also obliged to pay (European Union corruption and bureaucracy, grants of cash to ghastly lobby groups...) the Health Service is in a different league.


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear the positive news Joanna. I hope your mother continues to get better..

joannaB73 said...

We don't realise how important our health service is; even if it isn't always up to standard. In America there is no health insurance for pre-existing conditions, so people born, for instance, with genetic problems who later need medical care relating to their existing condition can have a big bill to pay.