Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A happy day... Birmingham, where I was most warmly welcomed by the excellent Jackie Parkes and family, at a gathering of her Catholic women's Book Club. It was all huge fun - a buffet lunch on a table, people comfortably settled on chairs around the room, children milling about a bit, and general air of great friendliness. A joy to greet Father Guy Nicholls of the Birmingam Oratory, a friend of many years' standing.

I had been invited to talk about my Yearbook of Seasons and Celebrations and it was a very happy day in excellent company. I talked too much - am apt to chatter when suddenly relaxing in good company after a tiring time. Fell asleep on the train home.

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Anonymous said... could never talk too much! Everyone thorougly enjoyed your visit & are buzzing with how inspiring it was. In fact it was just what we all are I fear a little over generous in my abilities! But thankyou all the same!

Perhaps the same time next year??