Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In reply... various kind enquiries: YES, you can most certainly obtain my books even if you live in America. Simply look up the books you want on my website and once you have chosen the book, contact me, by sending me a cheque (oh, very well, check, if you want to spell it the American way...). You can reach me by writing to me c/o 34 Barnard Gardens New Malden Surrey KT3 6QG. I can accept American cheques, and I keep a supply of my books - just write to me listing the one(s) you want, and send me a cheque for the amount, plus about five dollars extra for postage (or say ten dollars if you want the book airmail). To find out how much to pay, look at the price in £s and send about twice that plus a bit more, ie a book costing £5 would be about thirteen dollars. Make the cheque out to Mrs J. Bogle. I will hurry to the Post Office with your book. I will sign it if you like. I will put a ribbon round it if you like...

If you want my latest book, it's not yet listed on my website and I haven't got any copies until October. But you could still order it from me! Just allow a little while for delivery... It's A Yearbook of Seasons and Celebrations and sells for £7.99p.

By the way, Australian readers of this Blog can get my books from Freedom Publishing, 582 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Please do buy my books!!

To the kind enquirer who asked about my next EWTN series: it will be broadcast in the spring and is a series of six programmes with ideas for things to make, cook, eat, and sing for Lent and Easter. I also have two new series of Catholic Lives coming up - these are interviews with Catholics who are doing interesting and useful things in London...I am filming some of these in October, and have already done several interviews already too. They include Fr Tim Finigan, of Hermeneutic of Continuity fame, Charles Cole who directs the Schola of the Cardinal Vaughan School, and Sister Chiara who works in Holy Ghost parish, Balham.

We badly want to do a seies about the recusant houses of England, priest-hides, etc. Prayers, please, for this venture...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie Joanna, You might be interested in the 18th century Roman Catholic Seminary at Scalan, Glenlivet. You'd love it. It has a fascinating history but to get an idea of the remoteness of it, you really need to visit - a harder pilgrimage than many further afield - perhaps a mission for you and your bicycle. Fr. B. Halloran is (still, I think) president of the Scalan Association. He is also parish priest of St. James' RC Church in St. Andrew, Fife.