Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday April 13th 2007


After a beautiful Holy Week, a glorious Easter, celebrated with the family and beginning with the Easter Vigil at the Oxford Oratory. Then chocolate eggs,country walks, family meals...and on to J's family in Somerset for more of the same, plus a day on the beach with the creation of a magnificent sandcastle...

Home now, but only briefly as we are off to a conference in Austria.

Note to the young correspondent who wants to send in an essay for the Catholic Young Writer Award. All you have to do is choose a hero or heroine FROM AMONG THE CANONISED SAINTS OF THE CHURCH and write about him/her - no more than four A4 pages, explaining why you admire him/her, the message of his/her life, etc. Send the entry to: Catholic Young Writer Award, 34 Barnard Gardens New Malden KT3 6QG to arrive before April 30th. Can be typed on a computer or ahndwritten. You must be of secondary school age (ie 11-18). Make sure you put your full name and full postal address on the entry.

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