Thursday, April 26, 2007


I got up early to walk by the sea and explore the town. It was bliss to be running along the seashore on the edge of Scotland on an April morning. The ruined hulk of castle and cathedral that stand up starkly against the sky and sea tell a grim story of Scotland's religious battles of long ago , and then as you turn inland there is the pleasant town and friendly people greeting you with "good morning" and freshly-brewed coffee at a cafe, and shops selling all those Scottish things like marmalade in nice jars and tins of shortbread with Bonniee Prince Charlie and Flora Macdonald.

A group of young people - organisers of last night's meeting - joined me for breakfast and were very good company. They took me for a proper tour (story of St Regulus, bringing of St Andrew's relics to Scotland, etc) and we skimmed stones into the sea and talked about university life, and plans for the CathSoc barbeque and the success of their recent celigh (sp??)and more.... I hugely enjoyed it all, and it was just such a great pleasure to be with this delightful group of young people with their laughter and enthusiasm....Finally, they went off to lectures and to write dissertations and things (end-of-term pressures loominmg) and we said our goodbyes and I was off in a taxi to Leuchars station and thence to Ednburgh and the flight home.

Every time I talk to a group of young Catholics like this I recognise what the H. Father meant when he said at his inauguration "The Church is alive - and the Church is young!"

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