Friday, February 15, 2019

SUMMER SCHOOLS... the School of the Annunciation in the glorious surroundings of BUCKFAST ABBEY in Devon. Dates: Aug 8th-11th 2019/ for  DISCIPLESHIP AND THE HOLY SPIRIT  with  sessions on:

❖ The Holy Spirit ❖ Theology of Grace ❖ The Sacrament of Confirmation ❖ The Gifts of the Holy Spirit ❖ Authentic Christian Discipleship ❖ The Sacramental Life & the Love of Jesus ❖ Meditation & Contemplative Prayer ❖ The Effects of the Holy Eucharist ❖ St Therese & the Martyrdom of Love

or Aug 12-15 for CHURCH HISTORY AND THE FATHERS  with sessions on:

❖ The Founding of Christendom ❖ Fundamental Themes in Medieval Church History ❖ Themes in Modern & Contemporary Church History ❖ The Apostolic & Pre-Nicene Fathers ❖ The Post-Nicene Fathers of the Church

Or: Aug 15th-18th for PHILOSOPHY AND APOLOGETICS with sessions on:

❖ Philosophy and the Existence of God ❖ Can we know the truth? ❖ Can we know Christ Who is the Truth? ❖ Philosophy, Catholicism & Moral Questions

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