Wednesday, February 27, 2019

And on the subject of Cardinal Pell.... must read this excellent analysis which looks at the whole subject,.

The issue at stake is justice: the jury is not meant to give an opinion on whether or not they like Cardinal Pell, but whether or not he committed the deeds alleged. One correspondent to this Blog wrote to me about this: his point was that it didn't matter whether or not these particular crimes had been committed: he just felt that the Cardinal seemed an unsympathetic character and so it was "karma" that he should go to prison. If that's a common view in Australia, then the justice system there cannot work.


Wayne S. said...

I can't help feeling that a grave injustice has been done. Of course I have no direct knowledge. I base that opinion on comments I have read in Catholic media and from friends that I trust in Australia.

Allan MacDonald said...

after reading as much as I could I can shake the sens that something is indeed fishy about all this.